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Habibie & Ainun

Title of book: Habibie & Ainun
Author: Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie
Publisher: PT. THC Independent
Published: Jln. 98 South Kemang Jakarta 12560 – Indonesia
Year of Publication: November 2010
Category: Biography
Number of Pages: 323 pp.
Number of chapters: chapter 37
Text: Indonesian

Rudy (first name BJ Habibie) is a genius aircraft construction expert who has a big dream that is devoted to Indonesia to create an aircraft that can unite Indonesia. And Ainun a beautiful doctor and earthy alumni of the University of Indonesia. They both met again after 7 years apart. When meeting again on 7 March 1962 in Bandung, the Habibie find the figure of “sugar” once called “brown sugar”. “Sugar” which later became lively semati friend, became the first and last love, being someone who then united soul, spirit, spiritual, and conscience, someone who is a friend of life for 48 years and 10 days the ship sailed home, someone who then always an inspiration and lasting memories in the soul Mr. Habibie.
“Without us knowing the time passed so quickly and we were both holding hands arrived back home Rangga Malela. There are still a lot of guests and some young man sitting in front of the house noticed our arrival. Since then my inner never parted with Ainun and similarly Ainun with me “. (Habibie & Ainun -Bab 1)

This book tells the stories of love B.J. Ainun Habibie. Starting from the meeting which became the beginning of everything, the ship sailed their daily lives in the household, until destiny separates. In addition, readers will also find prayer – prayer and love poems written by Habibie as an expression of longing and sincere love for his wife. No wonder if the introduction to the book, the author writes, “For me, the wisdom of writing this book has become a therapy to treat longing, a sense of sudden loss by someone who for 48 years was 10 days in my life, in a variety of pain and happy, because between me and Ainun are two bodies but only one soul “.
Ainun Habibie was a formidable figure of a woman, well, smart, beautiful and understated. Every movement and pace was the inspiration for Habibie. No wonder if every chapter in this book Habibie always praised his empress. In the third chapter of this book to tell about the Habibie specialize in household Ainun role as a mother, and the role of the state as the wife of a CEO-field technology aircraft manufacturer MBB respected in the world, ministers, presidents, and a variety of important positions ever carried Pak Habibie. He did not forget his nature as a woman and do not forget their obligations to Allah. “I am grateful to Allah. make Ainun as a wife, mother of my son Ilham and Thareq, my companion in carrying out the task of social and populist-minded, dedicated, disciplined and hard-working tirelessly and give up. Similarly Ainun deeply religious nature is always with me fasting every Monday and Thursday and every day reading the scriptures juice Koran “. (Habibie & Ainun -Bab 3).
Ainun was the inspiration for her. That’s why their first child named Ilham. Ainun can understand all the problems affecting the husband and provide solutions. That is why Mr. Habibie always consult with Ainun on various decisions to be taken.
When their second child was born, the greater the need. Ainun decided to become a pediatrician, until he decided to quit and return to being a housewife because her son was seriously ill. Ainun feel guilty for not being able to care for and maintain their well being busy caring for and keeping other people’s children. However, Ainun still expected to be able to follow her husband’s career development. Position carried Ainun Habibie not changed, even semakn close and inseparable. For Habibie, Ainun is a bridge towards their dreams.
Since Ainun last breath in hospital Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, 22 May 2010, Ainun Habibie was still at his side. Suddenly he felt was in a different dimension of space and time. His wife’s face as inherent in every corner of his eyes wherever he is. Therefore, this book became the drug of emptiness longing soul from day to day, month to month following the time of the trip.

After I read this book, I get some of the advantages and disadvantages of this book.

A. Excess Books
1. It is not just a question of love.
My expectations of this book only focuses on the love story to Ainun Habibie. But not only that, because the author also tells about the journey as well as the success of his life, from nothing to become a person who is required by everyone. Inevitably I was intrigued nationalism. His writings on the ability of the nation’s sons and daughters, on ‘Preparing Cadre Development’ (chapter 10) are very inspiring. And there is no doubt that all can not be separated from the role of the two women in his life, Alm. Beloved mother and Alm. Ainun who became the mother of two children.

2. This book is reflecting the figure of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.
After years of not seeing the work of Mr. Habibie, this book becomes a very powerful antidote to miss. No one if I have always idolized him. In addition, I am increasingly amazed with his thoughts in creating various kinds of plans for her life, the institutions they lead, and to Indonesia. Reading this book, as if Mr. Habibie was talking and telling stories.

B. Weakness Books
1. Where there are definite advantages that is where there is a shortage. In this book there are a lot of words missing, incorrect, or the written word over and over again. Just mention the word ‘dimension’ written ‘demenasi’, ‘square’ written ‘pesegi’, ‘president’ written ‘Presdien’, as well as inconsistencies in the selection of words between ‘me’ and ‘I’ in a sentence, eg “…. .and Ainun always inspired me with a smile that I miss “. Too bad if the little things like this can interfere with the perfection of the story.

2. Because this book is very portrays the author, the sentences in the paragraph was confusing. Diction Habibie very thick with German language is a language that is not foreign to the tongue Habibie since childhood, which then accomplishment in a paper which feels a bit confusing. Sometimes, he thought about things related or berlilitan A with B, perhaps it is colliding with one another.

3. In my opinion, this book would be wonderful if coupled with a lot of memories and Ainun Habibie. As the book “Little But Brain All” by A. Makmur Makka which tells about the life story of BJ Habibie and Ainun Habibie. Precisely in the book photographs about life’s journey Ainun Habibie and more, so that readers can understand not only through the writings that are served but also through his photographs. Because images can replace millions of words to describe something.

In spite of it all, the book consists of 37 chapters is highly recommended to be read by everyone who wants to know about the history of Indonesia, especially during the reign of the old order to reinforce a sense of nationalism, as well as for couples, or that will ship sailed home, or who want to learn to be a loving couple holy, true, perfect and eternal. Because each chapter in the book of wisdom about the life of the professor. Just like a novel, Habibie was able to present a unique storyline and charming. As Habibie struggle while expressing his love for her: and behind the establishment of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals, behind the appearance and launch aircraft first flew Gatotkoco N250 made in the nation, the fall of the 2nd President of Indonesia as early emergence of the new order, until the departure of his wife’s grief beloved. Hopefully this book can be a learning experience as well as an inspiration to us all. And able to fulfill the desire of Indonesia who want to know the historical facts of the life of the genius Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie and Dr. Hasri Ainun Habibie, to be able to be recorded in the history of the nation.

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