Book Title: HABIBI 3 Kecil Tapi Otak Semua
Author: Andi Makmur Makka
Publisher: Edelweiss
Prints of: Secondly, September 2012
Thickness: XI + 185 pages

Indonesia wants to grow even developed nations are the ideals of every people of Indonesia. Likewise with a figure who served as the third President of the Republic of Indonesia is Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie, or we often call him that BJ Habibie. This book is a biography of the great figures that BJ Habibie, containing his life journey so very excited and wants to build Indonesia as well as his love for Indonesia.

Contributing to Indonesia, this is always done by BJ Habibie. After graduating SMAK Bandung and continued his studies in Germany. His thoughts are very spacious, very understated, and actively engaged in the organization by serving 40 position .. and he was very happy to come down immediately, he even gave a welcome for Indonesian students who will be studying in Germany. as well as his intelligence in the field of technology to bring him to work and served as Head of the Department of Research and Development of Structural Analysis at Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Germany which was then still called Hamburger Flugzeugbau. Messerschmitt- Bölkow-Blohm is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world in his time. According to BJ Habibie “Research was beautiful.” BJ Habibie is very love of science and technology. And indeed a nation will thrive and great because of its resources, both natural resources or human resources as a productive state planning. Plunge into the world of politics and deliver he became a vice president and ultimately served as President of the Republic of Indonesia to three with all the changes that happened in his time.

Indonesia’s development in technology we really need, not only advanced technologies but Tekonologi appropriate and beneficial. “My love of money 500 million dollars and the N-250 will be the greatest aircraft beat ATR, Bombardier, Dornie, Embraer etc. We do not need to depend on any country! “His desire is so great that Indonesia became independent countries. He is the number one and also the originator of the first aircraft manufacturing. His obsession on improving human resources so passionate. Launch events N-250 and N-235 was recorded in history as a proud achievement for the children of Indonesia. Unfortunately, his dreams are also dreams of the Indonesian nation to independently re materialized almost vanished.
BJ Habibie loves Indonesia, it was revealed by Hasri Ainun .. his wife, that often saw her husband setumpukkan artificial poetry devoted to Indonesia, the country he loved.

Readers may misinterpret the intent of the author because the story is rather hang to continue in the next section.
In each section of his make readers who were enjoying the storyline and unexpectedly had completed the section in jabarkan..sehingga was intrigued and curious readers to want to read the continuation of the story his activities. And this book contains the daily activities Habibie quoted from reliable sources.

Final word I say thank you for your attention, I hope the Indonesian nation continues to grow and move forward with competent human resources in their respective fields for the sake of the establishment of nation-building.

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