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Media Literacy

In current information era, young generation get their knowledge, information and their insight about conflict in society mostly from mass media. Mass media has the capacity to build image in the mind of young people and to construct their opinion.

Unfortunately, mass media just focused on particular issues and neglect another issues in describing something. Mass media deliver their message depend on economic interest and their own ideology. Their implement their strategy subtly to make public especially youth unaware.

In fact, mass media subtly message bring the needs of media literacy as the method to solve this problem. Media literacy is the capability to criticize media content and to bring proper insight about reality. Through media literacy activities, young generation at least could have four skills : capabilty to access media, to analyze media contextually, to criticize mass media and to write their own message in many form of media. Media literacy, in their turn could be a preventive way in deal with conflict and to maintain peace

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