The Habibie Center in cooperation with Forum of Federations and EGRESS Myanmar held a discussion entiled “Indonesia-Myanmar Dialogue for a Democratic Constitution, Free and Fair Elections and National Reconciliation” on Monday-Tuesday, 17-18 February 2014 at JW Marriot Hotel, South Jakarta. The obejctives of this dialogue were to provide framework for Indonesia-Myanmar to sharing experience and lesson about democratization in Indonesia and recovery relations between soldier and their people that can be adjusted and be applicated to Myanmar conditions.

The project has two parts – a closed roundtable and a public forum – that was held over two days. Through this dialogue The Habibie Center aimsto:

  1. Gather key expert participants from Indonesia and Myanmar and provide a forum that allows them to share and exchange views, ideas, and experiences about the Indonesia-Myanmar relationship in a way that is open, frank, and
  2. To examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges that exists in the Indonesia- Myanmar relationship from various
  3. To discuss ways forward to improve the quality of bilateral relationship of the two
  4. To share key findings of this dialogue with all stakeholders concerned with the Indonesia- Myanmar

During two days, Indonesia-Myanmar dialogue divided into two components, closed roundtable discussion and public forum. The objectives of this dialogue related with key findings, lessons and conclusion as the output of roundtable discussion. Roundtable discussion featured some experts from Indonesia and and Myanmar sides from government representatives, political party and minority ethnic group

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