The ASEAN Studies Program was established on February 24, 2010 as a center of excellence on ASEAN related issues to assist in the development of the ASEAN Community 2015. The Habibie Center through its ASEAN Studies Program, hopes to contribute to the realization of a more people-oriented ASEAN that puts a high value on democracy and human rights alongside other institutions working towards the same goal.

The objectives of the ASEAN Studies Program is not only to conduct research and discussion within academic and government circles, but also to strengthen public awareness by forming a strong network of civil society in the region. With the establishment of ASEAN Studies Program, The Habibie Center aims to play its part the ASEAN regional development within our capabilities.

In order to achieve these objectives, the ASEAN Studies Program carries out a number of routine activities. These include Talking ASEAN, a series of public dialogues regularly held each month and covering a wide array of issues related to ASEAN. These public dialogues feature distinguished and high caliber speakers and audience made up of ASEAN officials, foreign ambassadors & diplomats, academics, university students, business leaders, media and activists. In addition to this, the ASEAN Studies Program publishes a regular research publication, ASEAN Briefs, about current developments on ASEAN regionalism especially in the political security, economic, as well as socio-cultural pillars.

Reflecting its significant progress and achievements since it was first established, the ASEAN Studies Program has been entrusted with organizing a number of special events such as the ASEAN-EU High Level Dialogue on Maritime Cooperation and the Forum on Culture of Peace in an ASEAN Regional Perspective.

To date, the ASEAN Studies Program team has actively participated and organized in various national and international events including in the United States of America, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Laos Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and other countries. The ASEAN Studies Program also regularly plays host to delegation visits from ASEAN officials, foreign ambassadors and diplomats, military officials, academics and university students. With the start date of the ASEAN Community around the corner, the ASEAN Studies Program intends to continue supporting the realization of peaceful, stable, and prosperous ASEAN Community.

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