The Habibie Center, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, the European External Action Service, and the Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument held an ASEAN-EU High Level Dialogue on Maritime Cooperation Dialogue in Jakarta.

Consisting of an Opening Ceremony, a closed Roundtable Discussion and an open Public Forum, the objectives of the High Level Dialogue were threefold. Firstly, to contribute to the forging of common perspectives, modern policy frameworks and adequate regional capacities related to maritime cooperation that is holistic, integrated, and comprehensive. Secondly, to exchange experiences, best practices and lessons learnt from the EU integration process, to help shape regional policies and regimes in ASEAN on maritime issues and concerns. Lastly, to identify the unique and distinctive challenges and obstacles faced by ASEAN as it tries to develop a regional maritime cooperation that is holistic, integrated and comprehensive and to explore ways in which the EU’s experiences, best practice and lessons learnt may contribute solutions for ASEAN.

High Level Dialogue saw specially invited Expert Speakers and Participants from the European Union and ASEAN member-states discussed a variety of topics related to Maritime Cooperation, spread across four sessions. These include: Session 1 on developing a rules-based regional regime for maritime cooperation: Strengthening regional institutions and international legal frameworks ; Session 2 on tackling traditional and non-traditional threats to maritime security at the regional level through cooperative means ; Session 3 on ensuring joint and sustainable management of marine resources: A comprehensive approach engaging all stakeholders; and Session 4 on best practices and recommendations.

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September 01, 2016

ASEAN Studies Program


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