Jakarta, 26 August 2015
The Habibie Center will host its 24th Talking ASEAN dialogue titled, “Challenges of Raising ASEAN Awareness” at The Habibie Center Building in Jakarta. This particular Talking ASEAN will feature as resource persons Asep Setiawan (Head of Content and Knowledge Division, Metro TV), Yuyun Wahyuningrum (Senior Advisor, Human Rights Working Group), dan Ilman Dzikri (President of Indonesian Student Association for International Studies) with Alexander C. Chandra Ph.D (Associate Fellow, The Habibie Center) moderating.
The objectives of this Talking ASEAN were: to analyze the success and weaknesses of ASEAN’s current engagement with people from various sectors to raise greater awareness and identity with ASEAN; to discuss the views of people from various sectors about ASEAN, in particular their interests in promoting ASEAN, how much they care about the regional organization and what they really know about the regional integration process; to make recommendations about improving the level of engagement and involvement of ASEAN to better promote ASEAN awareness and identity. The regional organization’s 48th anniversary comes at a momentous time as the ten member-states will soon usher in the ASEAN Community 2015. Once realized, the ASEAN Community 2015 will see the fulfillment of the founding fathers’ aspirations that the peoples of Southeast Asia should determine their own political, economic and socio-cultural courses. A vital precondition for this aspiration is the support and involvement of the peoples of Southeast Asia themselves.
However it is widely considered that general – let alone substantive – awareness of ASEAN and ASEAN Identity remains weak from all kind of important sectors. With only a few months remaining until the December 2015 deadline for the realization of the ASEAN Community 2015, it is somewhat concerning the peoples of ASEAN demonstrate a weak level of public association with ASEAN, thus calling into question the viability and longevity of ASEAN’s regional integration project.
In this Talking ASEAN dialogue, expert panelist addressed the importance of raising ASEAN’s profile among its people; identify possible policy recommendations and their consequent challenges in raising ASEAN awareness.
Talking ASEAN dialogue on “Challenges of Raising ASEAN Awareness” is one of a series of twelve dialogues regularly held each month by The Habibie Center.

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