JAKARTA – On Wednesday, 31 May 2017, The Habibie Center (THC) hold its Talking ASEAN dialogue entitled “Combating Human Trafficking in ASEAN” at The Habibie Center Building in Jakarta. This particular Talking ASEAN featured Mark Getchell (Chief of Mission, IOM Indonesia), Febionesta (Chairperson, SUAKA – Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Protection), and Collie Brown (UNODC Country Manager, Indonesia), with A. Ibrahim Almuttaqi (Head, ASEAN Studies Program, The Habibie Center) moderating.

The objectives of this dialogue are to: (a) review the current trend of human trafficking in Southeast Asia; (b) examine the existing ASEAN mechanism in countering human trafficking; (c) identify the challenges by the current ASEAN mechanism; and (d) come up with a new sustainable strategy to combat human trafficking.

As an illegal industry, human trafficking has victimised millions of people around the world. Recognising the magnitude of the problem, ASEAN has joined the global effort to combat human trafficking. Human trafficking, especially women and children trafficking, has received considerable attention in ASEAN. At the regional level, several treaty and non-treaty instruments exist as the overall guideline for ASEAN’s efforts in countering human trafficking. There are also various national and bilateral instruments that are committed to eliminating trafficking in persons. All these efforts are regarded as an important commitment by ASEAN to deliver more effective counter-trafficking measures. However, the prevalence of human trafficking cases proves that the existing ASEAN mechanism in countering human trafficking is not effective. There needs to be more sustainable solutions to supplement the existing efforts.

An opportunity for in-depth discussion, therefore, is advantageous to address as well as identify the current ASEAN mechanism in combating human trafficking and come up with possible recommendations to address the issue. In light of this, The Habibie Center invites participants to our Talking ASEAN on “Combating Human Trafficking in ASEAN”.

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