JAKARTA – On Thursday, 16 June 2016, The Habibie Center hosted the 32nd Talking ASEAN dialogue titled “Reviewing the Potential Impact and Implementation of Indonesia’s Economic Stimulus Packages” at The Habibie Center Building in Jakarta. This edition of Talking ASEAN was moderated by  Ms. Fina Astriana (Researcher, ASEAN Studies Program, The Habibie Center) and featured an expert panel made up of Ms. Lorenta Siahaan (Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs), Mr. Umar Juoro (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Indonesia/Member of Board of Experts, The Habibie Center) and Dr. Eric Alexander Sugandi (Senior Economic Analyst, Kenta Institute). The objectives of this Talking ASEAN were to: (a) discuss the recent 12 economic packages launched by the Government of Indonesia; (b) identify possible impact and consequences of the launch of the economic packages on Indonesia as the largest economy in ASEAN; (c) identify possible challenges from the economic packages; and (d) provide recommendations to further improving the economic packages.

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