Jakarta, 13 January 2015
For academics, The New Year holds a special place for critical reflection. The start of a new year provides an opportunity to look back and critically assess important issues that have surfaced in the previous years, as well as to assess the potentials and challenges that will come for the year ahead. In politics, Indonesia in 2014 witnessed a political turbulence happening around election. While the current political condition might change in the future, it can be safely assumed that 2015 will not be an easy year for Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla administration. The lack of strong support towards Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla in the elite level is further worsened by the lack of ability to conduct lobby and political communication. Meanwhile, in terms of foreign policy, Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla administration is also facing possible problems as they are projecting the impression of an inward looking administration. In the economic area, 2014 has been a challenging year. The Rupiah has become very volatile due to several factors, such as the rise of political tension after the presidential elections. The Indonesian government will face another challenge in 2015. one of which is The Fed’s policy to raise its interest rate as the US economy starts to recover. Based on these issues, The Habibie Center facilitated a discussion on “2014 Review and 2015 Outlook” The objectives of these issues were: to review government’s policy in terms of politics, economy, and foreign policy in 2014: to identify internal and external challenges facing the government in 2015 in terms of politics, economy, and foreign policy; to elaborate government’s policy in terms of politics, economy, and foreign policy in 2015; to give possible recommendation for the government in terms of politics, economy, and foreign policy.

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