CERITA: Community Empowerment in Raising Inclusivity and Trust through Technology Application

On 10 February 2017, The Habibie Center announced their new program, CERITA – Community Empowerment in Raising Inclusivity and Trust through Technology Application.
Rising intolerance and radicalism, directly and indirectly caused by the rapid dissemination of information, especially through social media, has been an issue of great concern that threatens unity in Indonesia. Conflicts of opinions and thoughts on social media platforms are intensifying, inevitably dividing people into opposing clusters and sparking strong tensions and acts of violence based on sentiments against differences. This reason becomes the background of The Habibie Center’s CERITA.
The program, supported by, aims to gather young and active Indonesians from various backgrounds, to facilitate dialogues and workshops for them in independent places such as coffee shops and museums, as well as to encourage them to digitally share their stories on interfaith or intercultural experiences from their neighbourhood or places where they live. CERITA will start in April 2017 and will be carried out in five major cities in Java – Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Yogyakarta, and Solo. At the end of the program, a digital platform and/or a mobile application will be launched, where participants will be able to share stories, experiences, and memories they have through video in a city tour concept. #CERITA

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