Jakarta | Fri, February 10, 2017 | 06:06 pm

The Habibie Center, in collaboration with Google, is developing an application that allows people to share videos about tolerance.

Called Cerita, which stands for Community Empowerment in Raising Inclusivity and Trust through Technology Application, the project idea came out of concern about rising cases of intolerance, radicalism and conservatism.

“Story telling can be an effective means to counter extremism,” Rahimah Abdulrahim, the executive director of The Habibie Center, said.

The platform is designed not only to tell  to the world the stories of discrimination and intolerance victims but also of those involved in radicalism as well as great stories about the virtue of  tolerance.

 “Nowadays, hate speeches abound on social media. Our goal is to empower people, especially teenagers, so that they can counter extremism with their narratives,” Rudi Sukandar, an associate fellow of the the Habibie Center, said.

 The projects, scheduled to be officially launched by the end of the year, also offers  training on story telling. To create interesting video contents, it cooperates with Cameo Project, a local creative group.

Video is chosen as the medium to share stories after a recent Google survey shows that Indonesia has the highest YouTube users and watchers in Asia.  (hol)

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