Relentless Dedication

Keep working in every second of his life for the sake of Democracy


This foundation aims at the realization of human resources in Indonesia is superior and has the quality of Iman and Taqwa high, and able to master, develop and control science and technology independently for the glory of the nation and the people of Indonesia as a whole.

To achieve the above objective, the Foundation carry out program activities as follows:

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Wherever you are Always be my best and give the best of which we can give.

- Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie -

Our Founder

Founded by Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie and families as an independent organization, non-governmental and non-profit. With a vision to promote modernization and democratization in Indonesia, which is based on morality and integrity of the cultural and religious values, and mission is to:


To create a democratic society is culturally and structurally that recognizes, respects and upholds human rights, as well as reviewing and raise issues of development of democracy and human rights.


Promote and improve the management of human resources and technology dissemination efforts. Mission is to serve as the basis for the strategic development program in the agenda of The Habibie Center, which includes Democratization and human rights, human resources in science and technology, media and information, Marine resources, dissemination and deployment of technology, tissue formation and cooperation.


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